Vintage plate entomology series by Australian artist Louise Tait. Made from a vintage ceramic plate hand-cut to represent a moth/butterfly shape framed in a natural finish box frame.

Frame Size: 10 x 10 cm with a depth of approx 6 cm

In my practice, I use household objects to examine the nature of how we respond to these material items by drawing on a sense of familiarity/personal and collective histories. Through blending textures, patterns and motifs, I create each artwork using vintage china plates, bowls, cups and saucers.


Upcycling is the core of my work, the china used is often cracked or chipped, and at the end of its operational life, I feel a strong need to house these objects in my studio on shelves before giving them a new life; this allows me time to observe and study the designs allowing each piece to have a conversation with me even though no words are spoken.


Most of the plates are sourced from elsewhere through second-hand shops; for me, a vintage attraction is like watching a classic film; the viewer is offered an escape or pause from the everyday. The shopping experience for vintage gives everyone a chance to find something interesting, unique and creative. It is more rewarding to find beautifully designed vintage plates than to waste money on an expensive bag when we have to work hard to search for these vintage pieces.


The designs intrigue me the most, and I often link these to memories of my own family as having that dinner set or cup. Quite often, I hear stories of ‘My mother had a plate-like that’.

All artwork is original and unique and is hand-cut, hand-assembled and packaged by me, all in my studio here in Warwick on the Southern Downs, Queensland.


Thank you for taking the time to visit my site x 


Entomology Series - Vintage Plate Miriam's Wing

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