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Studio Background

Australian artist & local Warwick creative, Louise Tait, is the driving force behind Studio Style Inside Out. An evolving space with workshops for creatives. The ART of simply living.

As a natural born creative Louise has sold art both notionally & internationally as well as establishing herself as a mural artist.

In 2017 Louise opened, Studio Style Inside Out, a unique studio space where she runs & hosts workshops for creatives in Warwick Qld.

Louise delivers both group & individual tuition along with tuition from visiting guest artists. Her belief is that the process of art making assists in improving ones physical, mental & emotional well-being. Through Louise's workshops she aims to assist in increasing ones awareness of self & others. This in turn may promote personal development, increase ones coping skills & enhance cognitive function.

Soaking in the rays of a new day....

The Future We See

Brighter & Stronger Creatives

At Studio Style Inside Out, we understand the importance of support in anyone's life. Our community serves as an educational branch and support system for all, artist or not, who visit our Creative Workshops by being a special place where their creative juices can flow freely. We strongly believe that being creative is good for the SOUL!  We’re dedicated to our creatives, and we thrive to provide a fun learning experience to all of our clients.  It’s our mission to ensure that the arts remain strong, and to offer workshops to everyone no matter what their creative abilities are - introducing newcomers to art and creativity is our passion as being creative has proven health benefits. The mental health benefits of Art are for EVERYONE.


What We Believe

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Warwick QLD 4370, Australia

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